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  1. Notification of previously liked roasts

    If really appreciated it if I could receive a notification when a roast that I've Rated ♥️ in Rater becomes available in Shop. That way I don't miss the opportunity to buy my favourite coffees just 'cos I didn't know they were available. Currently, Rater seems to be something that's more useful to The Coffee Roasters than it is to the customer - I need value from my ratings too!

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    Hi Mark. Thanks very much for your feedback. It’s a great idea and I will look at how this could be implemented. Yes, you are correct, currently the Coffee Rater is mainly for our use and although it may not be obvious it is very valuable for us to get feedback on what coffees someone likes or does not like. We use it all the time to help with selecting coffees. I do understand however that it would be beneficial for you to get some feedback/value from it as well and it is something I will look at.

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